Each week your child will experience an interactive Bible lesson that tells God's Big Story. Participate in games that reinforce Biblical truths and learn what it means to follow Jesus.

What to expect

  • Worship Together

    We believe in the importance of parents modeling worship for their children. Children ages 6-12 are checked in at the beginning of service but remain with their parents until after worship is over. Toddlers and Pre-K can be checked into their classroom upon arrival.

  • Children are Dismissed

    Children ages 6-12 are dismissed to their classroom after worship

  • Sign Out

    Parents sign out their children at their classrooms after service is over at approximately 11:30am

“As for me, this is my promise to them says the Lord: My Holy Spirit shall not leave them and they shall want the good and hate the wrong they and their children and their children’s children forever”
Isaiah 59:21

Our Aim

To provide an environment that helps children understand the Bible, connect to God in a personal way and equips them to become spiritual champions.

Our Staff

Possesses a love for children and passion for teaching the Bible. Each volunteer is background checked to ensure the safety of our children.


HC Kids incorporates a curriculum  designed to teach children different aspects of the Bible from 1st-5th grades. For 2018, we are in year five of our Scope and Sequence.

The scope and sequence goes as follows:

Years 1-2:  Sets the foundation for the Bible through the use of puppets and songs. (What’s in the Bible Video Curriculum)

Year 3: Reinforces that the Bible is one  Big God Story that we all get to play a part in.  (TruStory Curriculum)

Year 4: Focuses on apologetics to equip kids to answer questions about their faith.  It involves bringing the Bible to life through videos that showcase the actual places  in the middle east and lessons that offer historical evidences for the events of the Bible. (Drive Thru History DVD Curriculum and The Case for Christ for Kids Curriculum)

Year 5:  Focuses on connecting kids to Jesus through fun and engaging lessons that help kids think about how the Bible relates to them.  (Better Bible Teachers curriculum)